Saturday, June 20, 2009


Friday means it's farmer's market day in Llano Park, about a 10 block walk from my apartment. I seem to have missed it on previous Fridays, so this last Friday, I made a special point of going. I headed out early, prepared with comfy walking shoes and my trusty sack. It's an ugly thing I bought in the regular market (building). Woven plastic or vinyl or something. It's got product nutrition information and weights stamped on one side, so it lived a previous life....maybe as a flour sack? I like it because it's strong as heck and I can load it down.

I stopped on the way and had a little breakfast, a ham and egg torta (sandwich) and a glass of fresh OJ. Never start a Mexican day without fresh-squeezed orange juice. Once I got to the park, there were dozens and dozens of vendors in little stands set up under plastic tarps (it's been rainy). I was in pig heaven! Every kind of fruit and vegetable you can name....and many I couldn't. There were bakery stands with fresh rolls and pastel pastries. The chicken lady with very yellow whole chickens, feet and all, hanging from the rafters. And the fish lady. I bought 2 unidentified fish from her and had her fillet them. I patronized 2 vegetable sellers. The stuff was SOOOOO fresh: green beans, whole garlic, onions, broccoli, red ripe tomatoes, carrots, and funny ROUND zucchini. I bought it all. I overloaded my shopping bag. Had to take a taxi home, no way I was walking. Once home, I spread it all out on the counter and it got a goood soak in MicroDyn (antiseptic wash whose main germ-killing ingredient is colloidal silver. Some people get colloidal silver at the health food store and use it to fight colds & flu).

I'm busy cooking up all the stuff. A big pot of vegetable soup is in order for tomorrow.