Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neither Fish Nor Foul

Friday, I tagged along on an excursion put on by the gringo library up to a trout farm/restaurant in the mountains outside of town. Wonderful views, cool mountain air. And grilled trout was mighty tasty, too.

Saturday, I and an Australian girl I volunteer with at the children's shelter took a small group of kiddies to a baseball game. Two boys, two girls, all around 10-11 years old. They'd never been to a ball game before. I considered that deprived of basic summer fun. They were super well behaved, more so than American kids, I think. One little girl got a nosebleed. But kids do that. We had pizza, drank soda pop, a made a lot of noise when Oaxaca scored a run. Oh yeah, the Oaxaca team lost. By a point. But, who cares? A good time was had by all.