Friday, June 26, 2009

Goose Chase In Search of a Choir

OK, I used to sing in a men's choir when I was back in Phoenix.
I enjoyed it.
So I had this hair-brained idea that maybe I could sing in a choir here in Oaxaca. Goodness knows there's plenty of music and art in this city. I began by asking about the Municipal Chorus at a tourism office kiosk over in the zocalo. The lady there said, "Oh, you'll have to ask at the Casa de Cultura." That made sense.

Next day, I walked over to the Casa de Cultura, which is only about 3 blocks from my apartment. Nope, they only offer workshops. But they've got one for choral singing (I just might sign up). The Municipal Chorus is run out of the City of Oaxaca, office of culture and arts.

Never take never for an answer. Today, I walked 14 blocks over to the municipal building, went through security, up a flight of stairs, and to the city's office of culture and arts. Nope, not there. That particular function was run out of an office on Hidalgo Street. What luck! I live around the corner from Hidalgo Street.

So I walked over to the Hidalgo Street location. Nope. Closed. A notice on the door that they'd relocated to a new office closer to downtown. No problem. I walked BACK DOWNTOWN to the new offices.

There was no sign on the street indicating this was a municipal office building. I stuck my head inside and asked the girl at the front desk. "Yes, this is it, but we've just moved in and you can see we're still in a mess." She took me in and introduced me to the correct lady in charge of the culture office. "I'm sorry," she explained, "but we haven't even moved in the desks yet. Can you come back Monday and we can give you the contact information?" Sure. At this point, why give up the fun?

So Monday, I'll trek back over there, get the phone number for the chorus's director. All this, probably to no avail. They've never had a "furriner" in the group, only locals. But it never hurts to ask. And ask. And ask.