Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smell This

I wish you could smell these. They are paperwhites (a type of flower for those of you non-horticulturally inclined). I bought them on the street tonight walking home. An Indian lady and her young daughter were selling them from a basket. I stuck my nose in....and a sale was made. If flowers could talk, you'd have to say these are SCREAMING. Their perfume is so incredibly strong, it's almost overpowering.

I but them in a carafe in the middle of the dining room table (where I am sitting now at the computer). The carafe was formerly home to some very bad red wine, which I banished to the inner reaches of my stomach. Had to get rid of it somehow, right? I really just wanted the carafe. They scent the entire apartment.

It's raining now, heavily. I've got my doors open on both ends of the house. I like listening to rain. On my way home from the movie tonight, I stumbled upon an open-air public band concert and dance. The were playing "danzon" music, and a good number of older couples took to the improvised dance floor, which was at the corner in front of Santo Domingo Church. I thought....if all those monks and nuns from centuries past could see the goings-on! They'd probably....hike up their habits and come out for a spin around the band.