Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rolling Optician

Yesterday, I saw something I'd never seen before. Of course, that's a fairly common occurrence in Mexico.

Parked next to the curb about a block from my apartment was an old beat-up Dodge van. On the side was a homemade sign: "Eye Exams." And the tailgate was open and the optician lady had set up in the back a nice display of all the frames she carried, along with her measurement tools, a set of lenses of varying strengths, "which is better, one or two?" And funniest, in the front seat of the van, hanging over the rear-view mirror was the classic eye chart. I guess patients were supposed to try to decipher its lines standing at the back of the van.

She'd placed sheets of cardboard torn from cartons around the vehicle's windows. After all, paatients need a little privacy. And she sat perched on the back seat with the door open, waiting her next patient. The Mexican entrepreneurial spirit lives.