Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The New Cell Phone

I had been putting it off for months, but decided it was time to get a Mexican cell phone.

I walked over to the market area and stopped into a cell phone store. This is an easy thing to do, since there are usually about 2 in every exaggeration. Not sure how they all stay in business. But it seems Mexico isn't a mature market like the U.S. where EVERYONE man, woman, and child has a cell phone. Most folks here do, too. But it appears they're still selling them to new customers.

It was quite a deal, too. $25 U.S. for a nice LG brand lightweight model. And that came with 100 pesos worth of airtime. When you run out, you just buy a TELCEL (the Mexican phone compay) card, for sale in every corner shop.

Now, I just need someone to call.