Friday, October 3, 2008


How did I ever get all of my errands done when I was working Monday through Friday?

Perhaps because this is my first week unemployed, but I've been BUSY! Life comes with a lot of stuff. And I've been working on digging out from that stuff all week: doctor's appointments, taking the car into the shop, changing insurance means changing doctors and transferring files, finding packing supplies, calling friends. The most difficult was my last massage appointment at Massage Envy. Ahhhh! It's been a real treat and a luxury to have a massage every week. Spoiled, I know. But it sure helped with stress. Now I'll have to find a "sobador" in Mexico. The name comes from the verb "to knead." And, yes, they are just as tough as it sounds.

Today I went online and uploaded info and photos of my townhouse onto 3 Web site that deal with rentals. I've got a management company, but they don't seem to be too aggressive. Once a marketing guy, always a marketing guy, I guess. The agent told me no one looks in the newspaper for rentals any more....everything is online. I believe it, since that is the way I focused our ad dollars at the college.

Yesterday, I had two gents stop by to look at buying the piano. They responded to an old Craigslist posting I'd put up (again, Internet advertising....effective). They seemed quite interested. My doggie, Dottie, was so excited to have company, that she jumped up on them and--in the process--scratched both of them. So I had a potential buyer and friend bleeding, dripping blood down both of their forearms. Perhaps not the best sales tool? They said they will have their favorite piano tuner come over and take a closer look. I hope so.

And that brings me to Dottie. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with her. Taking her to Mexico seems less and less like a good solution. Even though she's much better, she's still taking 3 prescriptions for Valley Fever. Don't know that I could get them down there. Also--since I won't be driving down--shipping animals is somewhat limited. Only to a few cities, and only if the temps are not above 75 degrees or below 45 degrees. Then, I'd have to arrange for ground transportation to whatever city I settle in. And my housing may not allow for pets, or have a handy doggie door. All in all, I think she'd do better in a nice dog-loving household her in town. I'm going to pursue the offer my South African painter and his wife made to take her. Or I can also ask the nice retired German lady who was going to babysit her for a month if she'd be interested. She already has one dog, a dachshund, and her baby and Dottie got along well.

Tomorrrow, I've got a special Spanish class at Interlingua in the morning. It's really an advanced conversation group with a set topic. Then in the afternoon, we'll go to my old chorus's concert. And Saturday evening, my regular Spanish group.

I told you I was busy...