Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burn the Alarm Clock

One of the very best things about unemployment, I've discovered in 2 short days is......NO ALARM CLOCK!! You can get up when you darned well please. Sweet. And the corollary: you can stay up as late as you want, cuz there are no "school days" tomorrow.

Even so, I'm pretty much on an ingrained schedule. I get up automatically around 6:30 each morning and am in the sack by 10 p.m. But given that 8 hours of sleep isn't nearly enough, I'm working in a nap every afternoon. Ahhhhh!

So at this stage, I'm doing the paperwork dance. I got the forms from the AZ State Retirement System, filled them out today, and will take them back down to their offices tomorrow, completed. The health insurance enrollment, tax withholding forms, etc., etc. The lady I met with down there on Monday was particularly unhelpful. Here's hoping on Wednesday I draw a longer straw.

I've been doing appointments this week: allergy shot, flu shot, chiropractor. By the time I depart I will be thoroughly punctured and twisted.......all right, I've been twisted for a very long time.

A cool techie preparation for this great adventure--I signed up for Yahoo Voice. It's an amazing system for making and receiving calls from a local Phoenix number from anywhere in the world, all via your computer. The inbound calls go to a voicemail box, and then those messages are converted into a sound file and emailed to your email inbox. Slick.

I'm not feeling any pressure, but am just doing stuff as I get to it. When I've got it all wrapped up, then it will be time to go.