Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OK, It's Real Now

Tonight I find myself in a very odd position. The people from the estate sale company have come in and put a price tag on virtually every one of my possessions. It's like eating and sleeping in some thrift store. And in three days--by Sunday morning--I won't own ANYTHING. (OK, I'm keeping personal things, family photos, stuff that has some meaning) It's weird being 57 and having no possessions. It's clear to me that for most Americans that's just about unheard of (unless, of course, you're living on the streets).

And how do I feel about that? Good, actually. You'd think I'd be freaked out by seeing my dining room table with a price tag on it, my Mexican pottery collection all laid out and tagged. I'm not. Really, it feels liberating. I feel free. It's like a 10-year-old kid whose just discovered that he doesn't have to do homework ever again and he can stay up 'til midnight on school nights! Whoopee!

On a serious note, I think I've found a place from my doggie. I've been working with the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue group. They called me this afternoon to tell me they have an older couple who love Bostons and would like to foster Dottie for a while and then adopt her if all works out well. The husband is home all day and the wife only works part time, so they'll have plenty of time to play with their new dog. And Dottie will be happy. She's wouldn't do well in Mexico, what with dogs loose all over the place. She's not really a dog person. More of a Scottsdale girl. Once she's in a new home and has let the people there know that she is the princess, all will be fine.

It's amazing how this has all come together so quickly for me. Had lunch with a couple of friends from my former college this week. It was so nice to spend time with them. Monday, I'm going out for supper with another friend from my last college.
Once all the "stuff" is sold, it will be time to go.

And that's the beginning of the rest of my story.