Saturday, October 18, 2008

The One Left with the Most Toys Wins

That catch phrase in many ways exemplifies the American Dream: work long and hard for more stuff. I guess I lose, then. Tonight my house is empty. I mean really empty. I'm writing this in the one last chair left, a broken plastic lawn chair. And for a computer table, the ironing board. Necessity is the mother of invention (or at least it's a mother!).

The estate sale company I brought in did a bang-up job and over two days--Friday and Saturday--pretty much cleaned me out. It was worth the 35% commission, I think.
Friday my bedroom set sold. So, last night I slept on the sofa. Today the sofa (along with everything else) sold. So, tonight I get the air mattress. There is something sort of 1973 about that. Suddenly, I'm having flashbacks to those college days. Except even back in those college days I had more STUFF.

The saddest part was when the Boston Terrier Rescue people came to take Dottie. Wow. We had 5 good years together. And she was totally spoiled. I guess that's better than some marriages. The rescue group said she's going to a retired couple out in Sun City. The husband is home all day and the wife only works part time. They've had Boston terriers in the past. She'll have a good home. After she explains to them that she's the queen, that is. She's a very independent and free-spirited little girl. Has to be--she's a woman with a mysterious past. Before I got her at the Mesa dog pound. she'd been loose on the streets. Ahh...loose women! I wish Miss Dottie a very happy life.

And the same for myself, I should add. I feel like things are falling into place serendipitously. During the first hour of the sale the morning--before I left it to the professional company--a lady came through who'd seen the estate sale sign. She also noticed the "For Rent" sign on the front gate. She asked how much we were asking, and I introduced myself as the owner. We haggled a little, and I reduced the rent by $100. She said "deal." Later in the day she brought her husband by to see the place. Looks like she'll sign the contract next week. My fingers are crossed, both sets.