Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just How Hot Is It?

Well, my trip to the local grocery store was telling. Normally, grocers put their best moving or most profitable products up front in the store--often produce or bakery or lottery tickets. At the supermarket here in La Paz, there were 5 (count 'em FIVE) aisles, both sides, with: soap, talc, deodorant, and shampoo. I was surprised to find one, then go up the next aisle--more, next aisle, even more, etc. So it's not just me that sweats like a pig in La Paz.

Every travel away from home is an interior journey. You learn as much about yourself as the destination itself. And, if you're traveling with another, you learn about them as well. In fact, I recommend that you always travel with someone before marrying them. If you think setting up house together brings out the hidden personality, just try missing your flight in San Jose, or leaving your passport in last night's hotel room. Pandora will open her box widely.

So tonight, it's a different hotel in La Paz, the Hotel Lorimar, a much nicer family place with a pretty covered courtyard where I'm using their wireless computer (WI-FI) connection. The rooms are certainly cleaner than last night's. But thefd is still mold. That comes with the climate, I'm afraid. A gringo sign of the time: down on the corner of this block, on the street facing the sea is a charming little bar & grill. It's called Applebee's. Yep, the very same one founded in Kansas City. You can't keep Americanization from spreading like guacamole on a hamburger bun!

So given my discomfort with the climate....a change in travel plans. I'm going to skip Mazatlan. It's on the coast, too. I'm heading inland tomorrow Guadalajara and then by bus to Guanajuato. Another cheap airplane flight, about $100 or approximately the same as the flight from Guaymas here. I get into Guadalajara around 11:30 a.m. and then have to get to the bus station for the next leg of the trip.

Bon voyage!