Saturday, October 25, 2008

One More Day

So I've got just tomorrow, Sunday, before I hit the road.

Today I bought pesos, travelers checks, and the bus ticket to Guaymas. I packed up the kitchen and put all the pots & pans & stuff in my storage room. Didn't get finished with the clothes closet. Saving the best for last, I suppose.

In rummaging around, packing up my home office I came across the transcribed notes from an astrological reading I had done last summer. This is a woman Ann recommended--Carol Banner--who used to live in Chicago and now lives in Utah. She took my date and hour of birth, and over the phone did my chart.

This was done on July 29, 2007--over a year ago. As I re-read through my notes, this paragraph almost knocked me off my chair:

[talking about moving to Mexico]...."I could definitely see you doing that. I could definitely see it coming up at some point within the year. It does look like it gets really active about a year from now, and the thing that's nice about it is you're ging through a particular energy that says 'Right now is the time to consider and get rid of anything in your life that doesn't really suit you or your lifestyle. And by NOVEMBER of 2008, that energy has totally completed. It's finished a 14-year segment of your life. And from that point on you're going into a building phase, a phase you're adding to your world."

November of 2008? I'd say she hit the nail rather squarely on it's head, given that I'm crossing the border of Oct. 27. Just a good guess? Who knows.