Friday, October 24, 2008

The Countdown Begins: 2 Days

OK, I made the hotel reservation in San Carlos, Sonora for this coming Monday night. That pretty much means the "I'm Out of Here" part of this blog is damn near here. So, one last thrilling weekend in glitzy Phoenix.....I'm so excited, I peed myself. To celebrate, I'm going to bed at 8:30 tonight.

Tuesday, I had my friend Luis (Some would consider him an "illegal." I consider him a buddy) come over to help with cleaning out my storage shed with the intention of using it in lieu of renting a mini-storage unit. We worked 3 or 4 hours and hauled a surprising number of bags of junk to the dumpster. Stuff like--you know--that little can of Satin Polyurethane Interior mahogany stain that, well, I MIGHT need to use again some day.

And then we pulled up the carpet in the back bedroom. It was the only remaining room in the house with carpet. And it was nasty. We pulled up the tack strips, too. It was a busy morning. When I went to pay Luis for his time, he refused, saying, "No. You are my friend. I want to help you." Like I said, a sweet kid with a great work ethic. I gave him two pairs of shoes from my closet (as if the other 30 pairs will be lonely!) And then I took him to lunch at Ranch Market, a super-Mexican supermarket with food just like his mother makes back home, or so I am told.

There's not much left in the house at this point. The remnants of the estate sale went to St. Vincent dePaul Thrift Store today. All that is left to do is pack up a few boxes of family mementos and put them in the storage shed.

Today, I canceled my phone service, cable TV, and Internet service.

The time draws nigh!