Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday, I went to Mercado Merced, my local fresh market. Every Sunday the vegetable/fruit vendors come out and the selection is astounding. Gorgeous, fresh stuff. I stocked up with green beans, potatoes, avocados, green peppers, pears, bananas, etc. Eating healthily is easy here. And tomorrow I'm going to make a stew or a soup or something--throw it all in a pot.

And this morning....drum roll....I went FURNITURE SHOPPING!!!
I'm so excited about not sleeping on the floor. Small things make you happy down here. At the "intercambio" (language exchange Spanish/English) on Saturday, I ran into my old student, Manuel. He's a English language major at the local university and is always fun to practice language with. I asked him if he'd go with my to the Central de Abastos. So this morning at 10, we met in Llano Park. He told me he'd gone down to the Abastos on Sunday to look around, and there was nothing I'd be interested in. Instead, he suggested we take the bus out to the colonia where he lives--about 30 minutes west of town--where he knew of some cheap furniture stores.

Sure enough, the place we went had some great pieces and even better prices. I ordered: an upholstered 6-foot sofa, and easy chair, a dining room table with 4 chairs, a wooden bed frame, a nightstand.......all for less than $600 U.S. They're staining it to my selection; and it'll be ready on Friday. Delivery is included. I can't wait!