Monday, November 30, 2009

Once More, With Feeling

And last night, Sunday, we had the FOURTH night of the Wailing Schnauzer. At 10 p.m., I left and checked into a hotel.

A number of my readers have, naturally, expressed concern about the animal. Obviously, it's lonely and suffering from separation anxiety. Dogs are pack animals and shouldn't be left alone. I've had several dogs over the years, and I was always concerned to leave the animal alone more than the 8 hours I was at work. If I went away on a trip, the dog checked into the doggie hotel at the vet's.

I should say that this owner downstairs HAS made 5-minute quick visits the last two days. So that means she's feeding and watering it. I can hear her come in downstairs, "How has my baby been? Have you been a good doggie?" In my mind, it NOT your 'baby' if you go away and leave your dog alone for 4 days. That's not how you show love.

But here we get to cultural attitudes. Americans treat their animals differently than Mexicans do. I went over this morning and had a long talk with the landlord (who lives next door). He has left a big note on her front door since Friday. Even with her quick visits, she has ignored his note.

Friends at the American library here have recommended that I try to rescue the dog...with ideas like dropping a rope down the light well and trying to lasso it and drag it up. Bad idea. First of all, my windows all have iron bars at the window. Second, not too comfy for Yo-Yo. this point, we wait and hope the landlord can do something. The dog isn't without water or food (I think). Just alone. And that's not good for man nor beast.