Monday, November 16, 2009


It's been 30 years since I've been without a car. For most Americans, having a car is as second nature and unremarkable as having, say, a chin. Pretty much every one has one. Now, I don't.

During my 3 weeks back in the States, I sold my car. Since that was one of the objectives of the trip, I'm glad it worked out with minimal effort--a Craigslist posting before I returned and an Arizona Republic ad.

Years ago when I was living in Chicago, I made do for 10 years with the subway, the "El," buses, and the occasional taxi. Which brings me to life in Oaxaca. I walk everywhere. And the places I can't walk to--like the mall at the southern edge of the city--I take the bus. It's 30 cents for anywhere you want to go. I figure at that price, I can take about 670,293 bus rides for the cost of maintaining a car here.

It's funny--after three sedentary weeks back in the U.S., my skeletal system is complaining loudly about our sudden shift to the pedestrian life. But after a few weeks of regular exercise, a bit of massage and ibuprofen, all will feel "normal" once again. I hope.