Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Not Homeless Any More

Since last October, when I began this journey, I've pretty much been 'on the road,' living out of a suitcase. Even during the two periods back in the States, I was staying with friends and family, without a place to call home (my own house is now rented out to tenants).

That's changed. Yesterday, Saturday, I rented an apartment in Oaxaca. My first apartment in a foreign country. Gosh, it makes you feel all grown up....sort of. In addition to the usual signing of papers (contracts in a foreign language--there's something to keep you up at night!), moving in hassles, cleaning the joint, there are things you wouldn't have to deal with at home. Like calling the company that supplies those big jugs of drinking water to set up a regular water delivery schedule (can't drink the tap water). And calling the gas company to come out with a big old tank thing that looks like scuba gear. That's what runs your cooking gas and hot water heater. Until they come, I'm taking cold showers. Fun!

I had to have a taxi transport me from the guest house where I was staying. Too much to lug down the street. I really liked the hotel and recommend it to anyone planning to visit Oaxaca. I spent a week there. It's called Posada Don Mario, and they have their own Web site at : The Posada is a family run place; you'll meet the mom and her daughters. It's super clean, breakfast and free WI-FI are included, and it's cheap. My kind of place.

But now I've actually made a commitment (OK, for a month). I don't do well with commitments. So we'll see how it goes. I went straight out and did a "stock up" trip to the grocery store. Like you do in a brand new house that has NOTHING in it. What's weird is that there are no closets, no cabinets, no shelves, no storage of any kind. So, after finally "lighting" in an apartment....I still can't unpack. Damn!

But I'll go out looking for some cheap stackable shelves this week. I'm liking it. No longer do I have to eat EVERY meal in a restaurant. I've stocked up the little fridg. And having my own bathroom is a treat. Out in front of the apartment (they call it a bungalow) there is an enclosed, private patio where I'm planning to spend lots of afternoons reading.