Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oaxaca Social Schedule

Never a dull moment...

Saturday morning I went to the "intercambio" at the American library here. It's where local folks and gringos show up and are split off in small groups to practice conversation--first hour in English, second in Spanish. That way, everyone learns. It's fun. I had two ladies and a young man in my group, and we had a lively conversation (in both languages). It looks like I'll have plenty of opportunity to teach English here if I decide to do that.

Saturday night, I went to a FREE (free is good)showing of the film "Woodstock." In English with Spanish subtitles. That was a good way for me to HEAR my own language and READ the Spanish translations. Problem was that many of the translations weren't quite right. Especially the naughty bits. I found I was often the only one in the audience laughing (it was almost entirely Mexicans). But it was a funny, funny cross-cultural kind of evening. Sitting in the covered courtyard of a former convent, watching a hippie film from the 1960' era I lived a Mexican environment. It made me think just how much the world has changed. Especially my own world.

And then, for something entirely different (as Monty Python was wont to say)...Sunday morning I got up and went to the Episcopalian church service (in English). I stayed for a nice coffee and chat with the 6 or so expats who attended.

Sunday evening I went to a baseball game that wasn't. I found it scheduled on the Internet for 5 p.m. tonight (Sunday). I walked all the way over to the stadium....about half and hour. And...drum roll, please...NO GAME. It's scheduled for tomorrow, with subsequent games all next week. So, instead of saying a very bad word, I just turned around and took a bus back to the hotel. I'm getting into the Mexican way of life. As they say, "Ni modo."