Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello Again, Old Friends. I'm Back in Mexico

How times flies. Seems like it was just yesterday I was here. Or was it Phoenix?

Now I understand what "culture shock" really means. My own "Tale of Two Cities" (OK, many cities in Mexico). Things are different in the U.S. and Mexico. And it takes a bit of time--on either end--getting used to things in whichever country you happen to be living in. For example, transportation. In Phoenix for ANYTHING, a loaf of bread, a carton of juice, you get in your car and DRIVE to a strip shopping center. Here in Mexico, I don't have a car. So I walk. Ergo, my back hurts. My knees hurt. It takes a while to get the old machinery lubed up and in good running order.

I arrived in Oaxaca last night, Thursday, to pouring rain. It's the rainy season now, and I can expect rainy any time, every day. But, gracias a Dios, this morning it's sunny and beautiful. I'll go for a little exploration around the town, even though I pretty much remember my way around from my visit around Christmastime 2007. I'm staying in a "posada" (guesthouse) which was the former home of Mexico's most renowned modern painter, Rufino Tamayo. He was born here. I'm paying about $17 for a nice room with two beds, a shared bath, a sunny French window, and it's own balcony to sit out and enjoy the day. Continental breakfast and free WI-FI Internet is included. What's not to like?

It's a short walk from Llano Park and the American Library, which is the center of the gringo expat culture in Oaxaca. It's a good place to hang out and meet other American residents and visitors. Another cool offering is Cinema Club Pochote. It's a free movie place that screens art films every evening, and is open to the public. I'll go tonight.