Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too Cute for Words

Today was the day the kids' shelter takes a group to Equine Therapy. Cuter than a box of puppies--a group of 5-8-year-old kids riding around a ring on horseback. Nobody fell off, thank goodness. They all wore helmets. There was a riding instructor there showing them how to ride, although a number for the kids are from ranches around here, and riding was second nature for them.

One other adult (lady), the staff psychologist, and I escorted the group. We used the school van and school driver. This went way beyond fun.

Back at the shelter, I worked with a group on addition and subtraction using flash cards I had made last night. Then one kid, a 12-year-old and I sat down for a game of chess.
It's amazing. They are so open. I'm stumbling through with my less-than-perfect Spanish, and they with their less-than-perfect math. It all works out perfectly.