Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Indian Curry in the Foot Court

If you get sick from eating in the mall's "Foot Court" you get foot & mouth disease? LOL

Today I went to a mall I'd never been in before, "Plaza Boulevares." Very pretty, lots of marble, quite upscale. It was lunch time, so I checked the directional kiosk, whose map showed me the "Foot Court" up on the 3rd level. Something just didn't smell right (groan). But I found a neat Indian fast food joint there. The owner told me she is one of only about 3 or 4 Indian families in Queretaro (there are many in Mexico City). Her husband is an engineer. She finds it difficult to get the spices she needs for her little restaurant. I told her the story of Puebla's "China Poblana," who was actually NOT Chinese, but Indian. This from Wikipedia on the real-life China Poblana:

AIG souvenir: With all the scandal that's unfolded around bailouts and bonuses for troubled insurer American International Group (AIG), I was startled walking through the mall when, in the window of a athletic clothing/shoe store, I saw a mannequin with a soccer jersey on that read in big white letters on red: AIG. On closer inspection, I saw that AIG is team sponsor for the international favorite team Manchester United. Briefly, I thought to buy the shirt an bring it back to Phoenix just for fun. But I decided against it, for fear of being shot. Plus, I never got MY bonus.

Instead, I'll just wear the soccer team jersey that I already have in my closet. It reads in big letters: BIMBO. That's a bread company here, and they sponsor the Guadalajara team the Chivas. I like the idea of being a BIMBO.