Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News from Queretaro

In light of all the frightening news about violence in Mexico, I wanted to share headlines from a couple of stories that ran in the "Police Blotter" section of the local paper, Diario de Queretaro, on Tuesday:

a) Suspect arrested for urinating in a public street. This is big crime news? OK, the cops found he was carrying a bag of marijuana. For his violation, he merited a color mugshot in the he's a celebrity!!
b) Two suspects were arrested for stealing a car stereo, a cell phone, and a wallet with $90. Bad boys. But not major crime news.
c) A guy got drunk and broke into his aunt's house and threatened her with a knife. When the police arrived--according to the news report--they questioned the suspect about his reasons for breaking in and, "..he spoke incoherently, babbled words that no one could understand, and was hardly able to maintain his equilibrium."
d) A driver went the wrong way on a one-way street and caused an accident which left a young man in the hospital.
e) A subject was arrested for breaking the glass shop-front windows of a local convenience store.

And that's big crime news of the day in Queretaro.