Friday, March 27, 2009


Our friends at Google Blogger are showing me that I've had 2,100 page views for this blog. Thank you, dear readers, for following my wanderings around Mexico. What started out as observations for family and friends, now has readers all around the U.S. and Mexico. I hope I've been able to interpret and reflect a little of the culture that I've experienced.

For anyone considering retiring to Mexico, I hope the blog is helpful. If you know someone considering living in Mexico, please share the link to this blog with them.

As for me, I've got one more day here in Queretaro before I head back to Phoenix on Sunday night. I'll be back in the states for about 3 weeks. I'll miss Mexico, but I look forward to visiting with family and friends back home.

Tonight, one last (guitar) concert. The sweet music of Mexico!