Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I like comida corrida

Comida corrida is one of my favorite things about Mexico. It literally means "everyday food," or, we'd say, "special of the day." When you go into a local restaurant, the simpler places will have 1-4 specials of the day offered (in addition to their regular menus). I always go for the comida corrida, since it's such a bargain.

My favorite place here in Merida is called El Trapiche, which means something like "The Sugar Mill." Today, they offered 4 choices of comida corrida, a couple of chicken dishes, breaded fish, and another that I didn't recognize.

I ordered the fish. First, comes an order of tortilla chips with 3 salsas....just to get you started. Then comes a big bowl of soup. Today's was a tomato/pasta soup. Then comes the entree (fish) with a side of rice and beans, and a small salad on the plate. Oh, it's served with warmed soft tortillas (in lieu of bread). And a cold drink is included. Price, 33 pesos ($2.30 US). When was the last time you had a meal like that for less than $2.50? Maybe 1960?

No wonder most Mexicans do their big meal in them middle of the day (between 1-3) and then only have something small at home for dinner.