Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mexican Dentist

The morning--for the first time--I went to a Mexican dentist for my 6-month check up and cleaning.

When I retired last October, I opted NOT to take the state's dental insurance plan (but I DID take the health insurance plan). I figured that so many Americans come down here to get dental care, that's what I would do. And I did.

Guess what? I survived! Actually it was perfectly pleasant. The lady dentist has an office up in the fancy part of town. She was recommended to me by some Americans I met at the Merida English Library. The appointment was originally for Monday, but when I arrived, she apologized, "my compressor isn't working, and I'll have to reschedule your appointment." Oh well, that kind of stuff happens.

So I went back this morning. Modern dental chair and equipment. She wore face mask, gloves. The dentist, herself, did the cleaning, not a dental hygenist. It was the most complete cleaning, certainly, I've ever hour and a half! And she pointed out some ongoing gum problems and gave me a prescription to treat the issue.

All that for $42 U.S. (and she's considered expensive)

I've met two other Americans here who've come on "dental vacations." One, a new friend from North Carolina, had a root canal and crown done. He told me the cost for the dental work, the flight, and a week's hotel was STILL less than what he would have paid at home. Three other folks I've met have had dental work done here.

Open wide. Say "Ahhhh....I'm saving money."