Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Settling Accounts

Today, I paid my first electric bill in Mexico.
They only bill you every TWO months, so I was a bit worried as to potential costs.
My landlady is always complaining about how expensive it is.

The bill came to 128 pesos, or $9.95 FOR TWO MONTHS!!!!!!

To put that in perspective, back in Phoenix, in July, at summer's peak, I would pay $300 or so per month for my little townhouse. Of course there everyone runs airconditioning 24/7. With temperatures around 110F degrees, you want to do that.

Here in Oaxaca, you not only do not run the A/C, you don't even HAVE airconditioning in your home. Or heating. Which saves a ton of money. Cooking is done with gas. So I'm using electric power only for lights, a little TV, and a bedroom fan. 5 bucks a month is a bill I can definitely get used to.