Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Difference Between Mexicans and Americans

I found this in reading a special edition of Processo Magazine entitled, "Bi-Centenario, Que Celebramos?" (The Bicentennial, What are We Celebrating?) issue No. 1 from April 2009. In the publication, writer Fabrizio Mejia Madrid writes:
....(The image of Pancho)Villa is all that separates us from the gringos: the sentimental and the complex, the evasiveness, (our)taste for the ambiguous, the constant certainty of that which we hope for, the lie, defeat and death which are the same. Different from The American Dream....The Mexican Dream is a dream that ends when the movie credits say "THE END." When the Lottery numbers have been announced and you've crumbled up your ticket with a sigh.